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Date: 18th July 2016
10Watts 850MHz Outdoor Signal Repeater Waterproof
Outdoor Repeater 850mhz Output 10watts CDMA RepeaterThis big repeater can allow people to use it to improve the indoor voice service in a building by installing enough indoor antennas, the maximum coverage of this repeater is 8000 square meters in theory, but the preconditon is the outdoor signal received by the powerful outdoor antenna is strong, if the outdoor signal is poor, the acutal indoor coverage will be less accordingly, and it is not recommended to install multiple indoor antennas while the outdoor signal strength is poor.The repeater makes the signal stronger in places with poor signal coverage such as:1) Underground areas: basements, parking lots, tunnels;2) Other places where cellular signal is shielded by metal or concrete walls: offices, supermarkets, cinemas, hotels;3) Places distant from the BTS like private houses.10watts 850mhz Signal Repeater SpecificationFrequency850mhz: 850mhz 824-849mhz ?869-894mhzOutput powerTX: 10wattsRX: 10wattsALC controlWhen in max output power, if increased less10dB input Level, the variation of the output power can be controlled within 2dB , When in max output power, if increased over10dB input Level, the variation of the output power can be controlled within 2dB or shut down repeaterGain85?2dBGain control range?30dBGain control step and errorGain control step?1dBError range?0?10dB, error ??1dB?10?20dB ,error??1dB??20dB, error??1.5dBRipple in band?2.0dB/3.84MHz?peak value?,Ripple in band?4.0dBFrequency error??0.01ppmSpectral emissionMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandACRRMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandSpurious emissionMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandOutputMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandVector range errorEVM?12.5%PCDE?-35dBNoise figure?6.0dBInsulation test and prevent self-excitationSupportTime delay?5.0usVSWR?2.2Ripple out of band2.7MHz?f_offset?3.5MHz?70dB3.5MHz?f_offset?7.5MHz?70dB7.5MHz?f_offset?12.5MHz?45dB12.5MHz?f_offset?35dBInstallation Approaches?1) Fix up outdoor antenna reception on housetop or outside the window and point it to the signal tower.?2) Connect outdoor antenna to "outdoor" port in repeater machine through cable.3) Connect indoor antenna(s) to "indoor" port in repeater machine through cable also.4) Plug power adaptor into AC power socket and finish installation.Technique Supporting1) If still no signal receipt after activated repeater, please check if outdoor antenna point to signal tower or elsewhere have strong signal and check if strength achieve -70DBM.2) If can not call out, please adjust the direction of outdoor antenna.3) If strength is not steady, please check if outdoor & indoor antennas are too close. ?Please ensure the outdoor and indoor antennas have distance of 10 meters at least, with a wall between and not in a same horizontal line.To use this product to enlarge your signal, the outdoor signal shall be as good as possible. The product will not work well if our outdoor signal is not good or bad.Operation circumstance1) Operation temperature: -10'C ~ +50'C2) Relative humidity (RH): 30% ~ 95% (without frost)3) Atmosphere pressure: 86 ~ 106KPa4) Environment noise: Less than 6dB
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