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Date: 18th July 2016
10Watts 900MHz Outdoor GSM Signal Repeater Waterproof
Outdoor Repeater GSM900mhz Network Output 30wattsGSM mobile networks are everywhere around the world ?but depending on where a mobile phone is located, ?regrettably the quality of the GSM signals differ significantly from excellent to poor. The item in auction is designed to address the signals strength issue by boosting the signals in two directions (Full Duplex) :1.signals transmitted from a mobile phone ?are received by the signal booster over the air via the booster's indoor antenna and these signals are amplified and retransmitted over the air via the booster's outdoor antenna to a nearby cellular phone base station.2.signals transmitted from a cellular phone base station are received over the air by the booster via the booster's outdoor antenna and these signals are amplified and retransmitted over the air via the booster's indoor antenna to a mobile phone.The GSM Booster can be viewed as an intermediate agent to help to set up a reliable wireless link between a mobile phone and the GSM mobile networks infrastructure.The Booster is particularly useful in zones with poor GSM coverage such as basements, car parks and tunnels. It can also be used in offices, homes, supermarkets, cinemas and hotels etc.It is specifically designed ?for indoor uses. ? ?The Booster employed advanced filtering technology to reject the out of bands signals in the amplification stages, this results in crystal clear voice ?communication for an established GSM call as the GSM uplink and downlink signals are effectively isolated . Its AGC (Automatic Gain Control) mechanism ensures an optimum power is provided for the cell phone site as well as the mobile phone; all these are performed without user's intervention.Signal Repeater Features:1.High linearity PA; High system gain;2.Intelligent ALC technology;3.Full duplex and high isolation from uplink to downlink;4.Automatic Operation convenient operation;5.Integrated technique with reliable performance;6.Bandwidth can be configured from 0.2-25MHz in work band.7.Local and remote monitoring (optional) with automatic fault alarm &remote control;8.Weatherproof design for all weather installation;SpecificationFrequencyTX: 890 ~ 915 MHzRX: 935 ~ 960 MHzOutput powerTX: 20wattsRX: 30wattsALC controlWhen in max output power, if increased less10dB input Level, the variation of the output power can be controlled within 2dB , When in max output power, if increased over10dB input Level, the variation of the output power can be controlled within 2dB or shut down repeaterGain85?2dBGain control range?30dBGain control step and errorGain control step?1dBError range?0?10dB, error ??1dB?10?20dB ,error??1dB??20dB, error??1.5dBRipple in band?2.0dB/3.84MHz?peak value?,Ripple in band?4.0dBFrequency error??0.01ppmSpectral emissionMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandACRRMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandSpurious emissionMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandOutput?intermodulationMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandVector range errorEVM?12.5%PCDE?-35dBNoise figure?6.0dBInsulation test and prevent self-excitationSupportTime delay?5.0usVSWR?2.2Ripple out of band2.7MHz?f_offset?3.5MHz?70dB3.5MHz?f_offset?7.5MHz?70dB7.5MHz?f_offset?12.5MHz?45dB12.5MHz?f_offset?35dB
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