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Date: 18th July 2016
5watts Outdoor 1900MHz Signal Repeater Waterproof
Outdoor Repeater PCS1900mhz Network Output 5wattsThe DCS1800mhz RF Repeater is designed to provide a more cost ?effective solution than adding a new base transceiver Station(BTS) to improve signal coverage and communication quality in GSM system .And its easy installation and maintenance can help carrier get fast return.The Repeater is working as a relay between the BTS and Mobiles ,it receivers the low-power signal from BTS via the Donor Antenna, Linearly amplifies the signal and then retransmits it via the coverage Antenna to ?the weak/blind coverage area , And the mobile signal is also amplified and retransmitted to the BTS via the opposite direction.Features?1.Aluminum-alloy casing with PI65 protection has high resistance to dust, water and corroding;2.No interference to BTS by adopting linear amplifier with high gain and low noise;3.Adoption filter with highly selectivity and low insertion loss eliminates interference between uplink and downlink;4.USB port provides a link a notebook for local supervision or to the build-in wireless modem to communicate with the NMS )network Management System)that can remotely supervise repeater?s working status and download operational parameters to the repeater?Applications?To expand signal coverage or fill signal blink area where signal is weak or unavailable?Outdoor :Airports ,tourism regions, folf courses, tunnels, factories ,mining districts ,villages ;Indoor :Hotels ,exhibition centers ,basements ,shipping malls , offices ,parking lots ;Product introduction1.Product summaryGSM900 frequency-selecting micro repeater working for indoor or outdoor communication service blind area, it receives the base station's signal through the wireless ?mode to distribution system, and through a small base station antennas to send signals amplified out, meanwhile, mobile phone signal receiving, and go to the base station through the distribution system uplink, it can avoid communication service blind area indoor and outdoor effectively, barrage jamming, To provide stable and reliable signal for users in blind area, Enable users to enjoy the personal communication service with high quality. It is mainly used to cover the blind signal, poor call quality, slowly online rate and so on.2.Place of applicationResidential, office buildings, shopping malls, bars, underground parking, elevator and other communication blind area.3.Characteristic functionSimulation of ALCWireless micro repeater with simulation of ALC function,gain automatic dynamic adjustment range up to 20dB, ensure the system with high reliability and high stability.Function of Self-excitation detectionIn the process of ?GSM900 ?micro repeater installed,it will be automatic detection, isolation between the donor antenna and the retransmission antenna, if the isolation does not meet the requirements of system installation, equipment malfunction indicator lamp providing instructions, and automatically reduce equipment gain, or shutdown. Until the device is working properly, protecting the safety of equipment and network without interference.The function of Uplink and Downlink gain automatic linkage?After the System is installed and started, the system will automatically detect the input power, and control the output power, then calculate the downlink gain, automatic adjustment of uplink gain, maintain amplification balancing of system, realize uplink and downlink gain automatic linkage debugging, the gain of automatic control system is less than signal attenuation in path, ensure there is no any interference noise take into network.Automatic installation indication functionThe perfect working state indicator, 900 micro repeater different work state can be a good indicator. The installation is simple, to identify more clearly.Local monitoring attenuation settingsSetting the equipment ?ATT digital attenuation in under the GSM900 system using local monitoring software according to the field applications ?, to adapt to the installation site due to gain strength of different requirements, make the application more convenient.4.QualificationSchematic diagramSpecificationFrequencyTX: 1850 ~ 1910 MHzRX: 1930 ~ 1990 MHzOutput powerTX: 37dBm?2dBmRX: 37dBm?2dBmALC controlWhen in max output power, if increased less10dB input Level, the variation of the output power can be controlled within 2dB , When in max output power, if increased over10dB input Level, the variation of the output power can be controlled within 2dB or shut down repeaterGain85?2dBGain control range?30dBGain control step and errorGain control step?1dBError range?0?10dB, error ??1dB?10?20dB ,error??1dB??20dB, error??1.5dBRipple in band?2.0dB/3.84MHz?peak value?,Ripple in band?4.0dBFrequency error??0.01ppmSpectral emissionMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandACRRMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandSpurious emissionMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandOutput?intermodulationMeet 3GPP TS 25.106 demandVector range errorEVM?12.5%PCDE?-35dBNoise figure?6.0dBInsulation test and prevent self-excitationSupportTime delay?5.0usVSWR?2.2Ripple out of band2.7MHz?f_offset?3.5MHz?70dB3.5MHz?f_offset?7.5MHz?70dB7.5MHz?f_offset?12.5MHz?45dB12.5MHz?f_offset?35dBInstalled in the irrelevant personnel can't contact easily?Installed in the cloth feeder and power supply easily?To avoid the heat environment, installed in the ventilation?Installed on the vertical wall or mast, to ensure good heat dissipation?Wall-mounted installation mode, fixed the product bracket on the back of the installation , bracket hole location and expansion screw holes align fixed to the wall fixed hole a relative position as shown below;Mast mounting mode, fixing the equipment bracket on the back of the product , using the hoop through the mounting bracket and fasten on the pole;You can power up the product after the installation is complete, after all four indicator light on for 1 second, then after they all turn off, end, indicator lamp status in normal indication mode.?Repeater Complete set should include :Signal boosterOutdoor antenna .Indoor antennaCableSplitter (When there are more than 2 indoor antennas)Connector(N connector, F connector, N to F connector, SMA connector etc)AttentionsThe partition between two antennas, keep distance. Forbidden to open the equipment when the distance between antenna to equipment is less than 5 meters. Otherwise it will not work well.Joint the equipment and antenna tightly, to avoid signal coverage effect is not good.The original machine is equipped with 100V ~ 240V 50HZ three core AC power line, please note that the voltage range of input power.The products work environment:The equipment can work stably for a long time in the following conditions:The temperature is -30 ? ~ +40 ?, humidity below 95%;Dustproof and waterproof: dustproof and waterproof grade: IP65;
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