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Date: 15th August 2016
850 1800 dual band repeater mobile signal booster
850 1800 dual band repeater mobile signal booster HPC-CD27:?What is Mobile Phone Repeater?A mobile phone repeater picks up mobile phone signals from the outdoor antenna, then process and amplified the signal and rebroadcast to indoor areas by the indoor antenna. Mobile phone repeater is designed to increase mobile phone signal strength to all mobile phones on all mobile phone carriers and providers. Mobile phone repeater could virtually eliminate dropped calls, stuck text messages and slow internet speed. Mobile phone repeater system is the one-time investment without extra fees or landline internet connection.Technical Features:*850 1800mhzdual band repeater was receiving and sending separation, low require for ant isolation, making it convenient for installation.*mini design with metal cavity filter technology inside*full -duplex&dual-port design, and built-in power supply, making it convenient for installation*allowing for continuous gain adjustment 31dB by 1dB step.*ALC technology used to provide auto amplitude fixing.*modules structures, making it convenient for installation, debugging and maintenance.??HPC-CD-27 Dual band repeater Inside and Outside DesignHPC-CD-27 ?Dual band repeater is to support any two mobile band existing in the world to help end users to improve mobile signals for much better phone call quality and smoother data transmission. It is designed to support coverage area max can up to 2000 square meters with proper engineering. Below are the main features.1.The consumer repeater is an ideal solution for providing a cost effective improvement in cellular in-building coverage of a home, office, restaurant or building, in the quickest time possible.2.Manual gain control (MGC) available for both uplink and downlink to adjust the gain value for proper coverage during installation or maintenance.3.To maintain safe and specific output signal levels and give alarms on self-oscillation, the repeater has built-in AGC and ALC circuits, which can automatically control the gain of the repeater depending upon the strength of input signals.4.Auto shut off function available for both uplink and downlink to avoid deep self-oscilation from jamming the towers, saving your trouble from operators.?5.Wide band feature enables all devices operating within the wide frequency range of the repeater to see an improvement in performance.6.Multiple phones and other handheld devices throughout a building can benefit from a wireless repeater.7.Supports up to (500) users / calls simultaneously.8.Extended phone battery life. (Your phone does not need to put out as much power due to improved reception.)Specification of HPC-CP-27 Dual band repeater:Electrical specificationUplinkDownlinkFrequency RangeGSM900 & EGSM880 ~ 915 MHz925 ~ 960 MHzDCS1710-1785 MHz1805 ~ 1880 MHzMax .Gain? 70dB? 75dBMax .Output Power? 24dBm? 27dBmMGC ( Step Attenuation )? 31dB / 1dB stepAutomatic Level Control? 20dBGain FlatnessGSM & CDMATpy? 6dB(P-P); DCS,PCS ? 8dB(P-P)WCDMA? 2dB/ 3.84MHz,Full Band ? 5dB(P-P)Noise Figure? 5dBVSWR? 2.0Group Delay? 1.5?sFrequency stability? 0.01ppmSpurious Emission &?Output inter-modulationGSM Meet ?ETSI TS 151 026 V 6.1.0WCDMA Meet 3GPP TS 25.143 ( V 6.2.0 )CDMA Meet ?IS95 & CDMA2000WCDMA SystemSpurious Emission MaskMeet 3GPP TS 25.143 ( V 6.2.0 )Modulation Accuracy? 12.5%Peak Code Domain Error? -35dB@Spreading Factor 256CDMA SystemRho? > 0.980ACPRMeet IS95 & CDMA2000Mechanical ?SpecificationsStandardI /O PortN-FemaleImpedance50 ohmOperating Temperature-25oC~+55oCEnvironment ConditionsIP40Dimensions220x320x40mmWeight? 3.00KgPower SupplyInput AC90-264V,output DC 5V / 6ALED ?AlarmStandardPower LEDPower IndicatorUL LEDBe lighted when there is phone callingDL 1Be lighted when Outdoor signal is -65dBDL 2Be lighted when Outdoor signal only -55dBDL 3Be lighted when Outdoor signal only -50dB?Package including:??1.?850 1800mhz Dual Band?Signal booster main body?2. Log periodic?Antenna 10 meter cable??3.?Omni-directional Dome Ceiling Antenna 5 meter cable?4.?Mounting accessories?5.?AC power supply?6.?user manualInstallation1) Typical Installation for Single RoomA. Find a tough spot which has strong signal reception to install your outdoor antenna.B. Take your coaxial cable and connect it to the outdoor antenna.C. Installing and Test the Mobile Repeater Unit2) Multiple RoomsTo make signal coverage for multiple rooms, please refer to below diagram.Please contact us for more guidance of mobile phone repeater installation. ??450mhz,700mhz,850mhz,900mhz,1800mhz,1900mhz,1700mhz,2100mhz,2600mhz,800mhz signal band repeater/dual band repeater/tri-band repeater/full band repeater,just for your choose,know more details please contact me,I will offer your the best!
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